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IT GIRL (Mixed Wispy set)

IT GIRL (Mixed Wispy set)

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  • Happiness and Confidence are the prettiest thing you can wear with our DIY Lash Kits. Our Wispy set include our lightweight  clusters+bottom lashes+spikes everything you need for A flawless lash set
  • This kit features a latex free black brush-on glue, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold for your lashes.
  • The sealant provides an extra layer of protection, keeping your lashes in place throughout the day.
  • With the included pair of tweezers, precise application becomes effortless.
  • Our container of lash clusters offers , allowing you to achieve your desired look effortlessly.


Included in Kit:

- 1 black brush-on adhesive

-1 clear brush-on sealant 

- 1 pair of tweezers

- 1 container of lash clusters



1. Clean lashes and make sure they are free of product and oil 
2. Work in sections 
3. Apply 2-3 layers of Adhesive to natural lashes from root to tip and wait until tacky (about 10 seconds) 
4. Apply false lash to natural lash only and not the waterline 
5. Repeat until desired look is achieved 
6. Pull down lashes and apply 1-2 layers of the Sealant on top of lashes where false/natural lashes connect  
7. Wait about 30 seconds-1min for sealant to dry down 
8. Apply sealant to tweezers and clamp false and natural lashes together with tweezers tightly.

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